If You Live To Tell It…Tell Your Story.

I used to be ashamed of my story.

I used to run and hide from the truth. It wasn’t until I began to face the truth that I began to change, and towards triumph!

i love sharing on the Marco Polo app,  MMS  has a good time! 😉

So..you should know…what I love to do most is…  #storytelling! I think I love stories the most because they tell a lot about the soul of a person. I love to sit and listen and imagine. I guess I’ve done that all my life. Maybe it’s why I love to read the way I do… If you haven’t told your story yet, perhaps you haven’t quite “freed yourself ” from what others think, perhaps you don’t have enough “time”, or perhaps you just don’t think it’s all that interesting.

Stories tell of our influence in this world, how other have influenced us,  & whom we leave our impression on, can literally change their perspective s, and then… eventually, the world . Storytelling also  helps us to embrace others just for who they are. We have a chance to learn about their identity, their culture, and their lifestyles, routine and what makes them tick. It takes quite a bit of transparency to tell your story.

Stories can  teach, inspire and help  others reach goals.  I am finding the older I become, that  we are  all  have the opportunity to learn and  absorb all that’s in the  world.  We need to begin to notice everything around  us. And as we imagine, grow and  inspire others ther s an exchange of sorts, that occurs. The best  part about  learning from  someone’s  story, can be that  you are able to glean. You can grow in compassion, empathy and you can have what I call a “self-in-situation”   experience. With stories, you can “see yourself differently, and your present day  situation is not as overwhelming as you imagine it to be.”

Stories also teach you a lot about yourself. I am very intuitive. I love thinking deep thoughts . I love imagining, I love spending time listening to myself thinking.  Because I have always been a reader, I  always thought my stories would be told through writing.    Yet a few years ago,  I found my voice, and began to tell and inform others about life circumstance,  through video.  At first, I  HATED  recording videos with a passion, because I was so self- conscious,   but then I realized people liked it and I received good responses, so I. Uilt up my courage, began to like them as well. I now notice I have an element of personality that’s intriguing, open  and   calm, and sometimes my calm be ones my superower. It’s often like you are talking to the person in the video, but’s a bit more intimate.

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Fill Your Own Wells, FIRST.

This read is about filling up your own personal wells. What is a well used for? For drinking, to offer up thirst to those who are thirsty and in need for quenching. If indeed you are for this purpose, for others to draw from in any form or fashion, whether it be for being a great and intuitive leader, a friend a parent or sister or wife, you have this purpose. So … consider filling up your own well FIRST.

Crazy Confessions. — Pursuing Me: Seeking The Blessedness in Being..

So I’ve retitled this at some point on another blog, about “being imperfect.”
It’s ok not be perfect, you know. Stop trying to force it. Just do a little here and there. One day at a time.

I have a confession to make: I am a writer, and I haven’t felt like writing much in the last three months or so. I also find that I am not very consistent. There are times when my head and thoughts are so jumbled, I can’t even think straight. I have a fear of passing […]

via Crazy Confessions. — Pursuing Me: Seeking The Blessedness in Being…