Ever-Evolving Monthly Zooms

Mentor💜MySister is a spiritual journey, a empowerment group offering personal  growth in self-evaluatiion, spiritual reflection and authentic conversation and connection. Ever- Evolving is our morning that Zoom format that challenges women to begin to self-actualize and envision themselves as confident leaders.

Mentor💜MySister  has evolved, marinated, underground and  morphed a bit. It began in 2016, in Tulsa Oklahoma in the home of Jennifer Owens. Overtime, we met in Jennifer’s home, we met as group called: Shine! at a church chapel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for over a year and then we changed our name back to Mentor My Sister and began to move online via the Narco Polo app as Jennifer moved to New York.

We welcome you to open discussion, webinar discussion, sharing , inspirational conversation and interaction and  retreats.

Interested in attending a Mentor💜MySister discussion group?

Please contact us at info@mentormysister.org

Here’s a few topics we’ve done in the past:

(A Word cloud for the word: Motivation.)☝🏾

Do you desire more of these? Email me a jennifer@mentormysister.org and I will share more courses and Ever – Evolving self-development materials!