Mentor đź’śMy Sister (Development & Influences!)🦋

Jennifer Owens is  Mentor My Sister’s  Founder and  Lead Influencer.

When I was younger,  I  craved and prayed for  mentors and women as  confidants to  assist me in making life choices. After having a  tribe of nieces and  several  nephews  who  lived  life to adulthood and experienced life fully…  I  have  loved  watching  their lives grow and develop,  sometimes offering  unwanted advice, yet  still seeing and reaping the benefit of watching their lives  unfold. I watch my mother and sister have some of the best friends. Watching these friendship grow was something I  observed from  age  8 ,  until about  52.  I  learned a lot, and being a therapist and seeing these  nurturing relationships undeveloped and  uncherished and  absent in the lives of other women  gave me a burden for  developing them with women myself.

Mentor My Sister isn’t a  therapy  group.

It is a place for women to self-actualize.  It  is in person groups,  retreats and friendships  authentically  developed to inspire. These  relationships  develop and are nurtured via   the Marco Polo  video sessions,  a monthly  Zoom  meeting  and  year-long  conversations with excellent content that  inspire women to  live  live life completely ,  with zest and liveliness. 

IMG_6373Mentor My Sister is built on the shoulders of my Sister-Friends – who have mentored me, through life. Our fourth  birthday is  on October  15th, 2020.

She’s also a mental health therapist and social worker with a Masters in Social Work from Howard University in Washington DC. She has held community leadership groups and seminars in New York, Texas and South Africa, taught adjunct professor courses in New York and  won a leadership award with the YMCA in Central New York.  She and her husband Tim manage a training and development business, working with leaders of various organizations.

Jennifer is a Self Care coach with a passion for helping those who silently endure all types of challenges. She strives to help others find beauty in their own vulnerability and find their voices, so they can live whole and prosperous, purpose-filled lives.  Her efforts to help women understand, appreciate and take care of themselves have inspired her to create two online self care courses: The Rhythm-Conscious Life and 12 Gems  to Spiritually Thriving. She tells her own story in her book, Red Sea Situations—Finding Courage in the Deep Seas of Life. Visit Jennifer’s blog she has  completed over he course of the past ten years,  at and on this website  she  produces content for women with  coaching!

Coaching can  take place by  independent study , or with  coaching  and/or individual  consult.