Complacency : Robber of Your Personal Strength

Complacency is the word this month! This was challenging word, because it quite possibly the first word I chose to look at closely that was not a word that was positive. But we will make the experience of communicating the positive- with this word, because it is what can make us change.

So…. what does it mean to be complacent?
It is defined as an often unjustified feeling of being pleased with oneself or with one’s situation or achievements
a momentary complacency that was quickly dispelled by the shock of cold reality.

What I don’t like abut complacency is that it slows you down. it limits your success, and it appears to make us very comfortable and it sneaks up on you and can be quite subtle.

I feel as if sometimes, because I lived in a ‘FOG’ – I didn’t tend to be as successful in accomplishing things in my life due to being ‘too comfortable’ in my life. Either with my time, my actions, too much money, people enabling me, or struggling with my own identity – I wouldnt put the work in… you know, do the things necessary for change. And this is where I would falter with complacency. I allowed it to become my friend, instead of my foe. And becuase it was so subtle, it made me realize I had more WORK TO DO.

I am complacent with my energy. That’s my confession today. I tend allow things that are not very important, be quite important, or be more important than they should. And get this: THEY ARENT really very important!!

If I complacent with taking vitamins, eating well, or exercising – I tend to take these things for granted in terms of how I deal with my energy and make time for my health and betterment of myself.

In the space and time of resounding and allowing myself to be strong, I have been complacent with words and actions. I was too comfortable in spaces, and convinced myself I was, ” comfortable, but i really wasn’t.” In those familiar spaces, I tend to sacrifice myself – and when I do this, I am not allowing myself to speak up and speak my truth, all those are moments where we sacrifice ourselves, or do we want to sacrifice whets on the altar or position , or the space in our lives – and it can resound if we spoke our truth in our moment. We have to grasp the moments where we tend to freeze or become silent, and we tend not to speak – we sacrifice a part of our own identity. We have to say the things that matter.

A few synonyms for complacency: “bighead, conceitedness, ego, pompousness, pride, self-admiration, self-assumption, self-conceit, smugness, vainglory, vanity.” Hmmm.. something to think about…

Antonyms for complacency: humbleness, humility, modesty. These are the things that often ” get in the way of ” the gem of humility and complete change being born in our souls.

Humbly submitted.

Nthabiseng AKA JennRene Owens

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